Sustainable Community

We are leading the campaign in our area to "Just Say No" to plastic bottles.

Our guests will be provided with refillable canteens for water purchases.
Beaches all over the world suffer the unwanted invasion of "the plastic bottle monster" and we at Solost are committed to not only minimizing our impact on the environment, but to lowering it.

We put our energy into the kids and schools, so if you are interested in helping the community of Limon Dos Tola Rivas, bring along a backpack and/or school supplies and we will add it to our local donations for the schools and kids. Music has always been one of life's more powerful releases. Old instruments can be donated as well.


SoLost, an eco boutique hotel that's simply soulful

The unique geographic situation of Nicaragua provides this  country with some unique characteristics. Being located between the vast continents of North and South America, Nicaragua can be seen as an ecological bridge that connects north and south. Consequently, Nicaragua – just like other Central American countries – enjoys an extraordinary level of biodiversity.