Solost: en intimidad con las bellezas naturales de Nicaragua

En Tola, Rivas existe una nueva opción turística que brinda un contacto muy íntimo con la naturaleza, con la playa y la vida silvestre. Solost es un hotel amigable con el medio ambiente, su diseño combina y acentúa todos los elementos de nuestra Madre Tierra; mar, arena, sol, bosque, tierra y madera. Solost está ubicado en las playas de Jiquelite en Tola Rivas.

Solost Eco-Boutique Hotel & Bistro Bar

SoLost is an eco boutique hotel and has been created using our love for the outdoors, natural, sustainable construction materials, blending the old with the new for a perfect fusion. Our primary focus being you our guests to have an enjoyable adults only experience (kids 10 and older welcome). We have only eight cabanas, each sleeping up to three guests. This ensures our guests will enjoy low key, individual attention and will not be just another number.

Playa Jiquelite, Nicaragua

Dozens of hotels have opened up along Nicaragua's southwest coast. SoLost, owned by two American expats, is altogether smaller, more laid-back and rustic. Excellent food, little personal touches and a swimmable estuary make it a good alternative to the gated resorts.