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Swedish Massage :

It is a massage in which our guests can enjoy the relaxation of your entire body from head to toe. It is done with a gentle but firm pressure for beneficial results.

Indications: All types of guest it helps release physical fatigue and mental, it gives the guest a sense of well being.

Contraindicate: Do not perform the massage during pregnancy .Do not perform pressure in vascular areas. Do not perform host health when this dubious.

Duration: 60 min $90

Deep Tissue Massage:

It is a full body massage worked with greater strength and specific pressure points with the intention of achieving a more localized in the deeper tissues effect.

Indications : Disabled,Postural problems and Muscle tension.

Contraindicate: When the host has sores or burns, pregnant women, specifically after surgery.

Duration : 60min $90 / 90min $140.

Neck, Back & Shoulders Massage :

Thirty minutes spent in the back, shoulders, arms and neck. Relaxing the areas that accumulate the most tension.

Indications :  People with contractures shoulders. They want to feel more focus on neck, shoulders, back People doing sports (surfing, ATV, etc.)

Contraindicate:  On stimulation of the area, Severe damages in cervical, Torticollis

Duration : 30min $50.

Foot Reflexology :

An exclusive massage for the feet, but with benefits for the whole body by stimulating specific points on the soles of the feet, which by microreflejos produce a beneficial and relaxing effect on body organs.

Indications: Prevents certain diseases, it facilitates the removal of toxins, Relaxes and soothes the pain

Contraindicate: Prevents certain diseases, it facilitates the removal of toxins, Relaxes and soothes the pain

Duration : 30 minutes $50.

Hot Stone Massage :

Renews, relaxes and purifies the energy through the stones while working the muscles releasing the stress desinflamando problem areas and improving circulation, inducing a state of relaxation only. This massage is not only physical but also spiritual results

Indications: Helps improve chronic pain, Induces relaxation and removes stress, significantly improves insomnia

Contraindicate: Hypersensitivity skin, Sunburn, recent surgery

Duration : 90 min $140

Thai Massage :

Popularly known as Power Yoga, this massage reactivates the energy flow of the body empowering self-healing, also activate the venous and lymphatic circuit. Totally relaxing and refreshing.

Indications :  Increases joint mobility Improves flexibility of muscles, ligaments and tendons, It enhances the functionality of the nervous system

Contraindicate:  Bone fracture or dislocation, pregnant women, At the time this inflamed muscle.

Duration : 90 min

Therapeutic Massage :

Innovative and complete massage linking a set of different techniques achieving a sense of wellbeing and relaxation only.

Indications :  Stress Reduction Improved joint pain, muscle Improves flexibility limb.

Contraindicate :  Only in recent operations.

Duration :  60min $90 / 90min $140

Holistic Ritual Rain Drops :

Specialized back massage using "living” essential oils on your spine fall as raindrops. These "live" oils provide oxygen to your cells , are antimicrobial , penetrate the skin , enter the tissues and travel through the body to feed , clean , inflammation and regenerate cells . Detoxified whole body through the central neurological system.

This treatment usually applied by two therapists simultaneously, relieves stress and is recommended for all ages. It is highly relaxing and comforting. Aligns and rebalances the body. Complements chiropractic treatments. Very effective against back pain, spasms, muscle aches, herniated discs, inflammation, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, arthritis, infections, depression, insomnia, etc.

Contraindicate :  Allergic reactions to some of the essences. People with sunburn.

Duration : 60 min $120

Reiki :

A unique and different experience. Reiki is the universal life force. During treatment the therapist transmits energy Ki, this is the energy of love that brings healing and a sense of peace and harmony.

Indications :  General Welfare, Relieves Fatigue, anger Muscular relaxation and emotional.

Contraindicate :  surgeries, fractures or amputations, this because Reiki is a healing process and speeds up the healing process.

Duration : 60 min $90

A shiatsu :

It is the art of giving pressure following the Marma points on the body to release energy but done with feet, you can be combined with stretching to help specific areas.

Indications :  Improves Flexibility. It provides enormous benefits to the circulatory system. It helps to release toxins.

Indications :  Osteoporosis,Pregnancy,Hernias, Hemorrhage.

Duration : 60 min $90

Face & Body Treatments :

Treatments and exclusive products able to respond effectively to all the esthetic needs of men and women today.

Duration : 45 min $ 60


- Coffee Exfoliation

- Volcanic Clay Exfoliation

- Sugar Exfoliation

- Salt Exfoliation

- Seaweed Exfoliation


- Aloe & Lavender wrap

- Seaweed Mud Wrap

- Chocolate wrap

Facial :

Facial Cleansing: It is to clean the skin, remove dead skin cells, tighten pores, nourish, tone, moisturize and protect the skin, with products of the highest quality. It's all a complete treatment which includes the three previous treatments to show off a renewed face.

Duration :  30min $40 / 50min $60.

Facial for him

- European Facial

- Calming facial

- Natural facials

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